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    This page shows the work the media team are currently doing. Please feel free to have a look.

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    Creating a silent movie

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    Pulling things together

    Today you are going to create a movie using the following skills from the last few weeks:

    - Storyboard your shots
    - Film using multiple camera angles
    - Edit with quick shot changes in iMovie
    - Add appropriate music

    Your movie will be of a simple everyday task. It should be no longer than a minute when it is finished (no single shots should be more than 5 seconds).

    Your storyboards, cameras and computers are on the desks. You can choose a task from the whiteboard.


    • Topic 4


      To look at how storyboarding works when planning to film we used iMovie's movie trailer feature to create the following video. By looking through the needed shots we were able to then film lots of pieces which we then cut and pieced into the trailer.

      Please enjoy our videos below:

       The Movie - Example by Mr Lowe

      Who is the ultimate spy? By Priscilla, Tiffany and Alice

      The Football Match - By Zanna, Raphael and Justin 

      Rachael and The Filmer of Doom - By Rachael and Pierson

      Best Girl Football - By Janice and Ka Yin

      • Topic 5

        Cutting on the action
      • Topic 6

      • Topic 7

        Stop-motion animation

      • Topic 9

        Final Cut Express Tutorials