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         ABCYa is a site full of great educational activities for all Primary age students.    
       PBS Kids
      PBS Kids is a site full of educational games and videos incorporating many well known kids TV characters.    is a complete course introducing students to the basics of coding. Teachers can manage classes of students and track progress.


      Using scratch students can code complete apps and games using a visual block coding interface. Scratch can be used to make apps for the web or be used to program robots and Makey Makeys.

      Sketchnation is designed to allow younger students to create games for the web and mobile devices. It is suitable for students from Y1 and up and scales the complexity for different abilities.


      TinkerCAD is a web based 3D design tool that allows students to create both simple and complicated 3D models. TinkerCAD saves all student files automatically in their account and is also designed to work with 3D Printers.

      123D Circuits

      123D Circuits is a web based design studio for building electrical circuits. It features hundreds of components that can be assembled on bread-boards to create both simple and complicated circuits. Advanced students can even code virtual components.

      Google Drive

      Google Drive is our web platform for all student file and document storage and creation. The Google Apps suite is built in to the site and enables students to build documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, forms and drawings. Many 3rd party apps can be added in to Google Drive.


      WeVideo is a web based video editor. Students can bring in videos directly from their Google Drive and edit them with high quality effects and transitions.

      A simple app to allow students to record videos and take photos with their webcams on any computer. If connected to Chrome then students can immediately upload their recorded video and photos to their Google Drive.


      A Chrome extension that allows easy screen-casting of either their browser or desktop. Recordings can include microphone and webcam input as well. After recording it is a single click to save to a student's Google Drive.

      Zimmer Twins

      Zimmer Twins is an easy introduction for young students into video editing. The interface is arranged just like a full video editing piece of software and allows students to edit and mix a set of pre-made animated videos in a timeline.


      PowToon is a powerful animating tool for creating animated presentations or scenes. It includes cartoon and photo elements to use and teaches students about the use of timelines when editing an animation or video.


      Weebly is a drag and drop website creation tool. It allows students to quickly build modern, good looking websites. Weebly includes the ability to add text, graphics and media to your sites. It also allows sites to be published live to the world. If you are publishing a website live then do think carefully about any personal information you share.


      Blogger is a blogging platform from Google that allows you to create your own blog about anything you like. It includes tools for posting articles, pages and portfolios. Please think carefully about the personal data you are sharing if you publish a blog.


      Canva makes quick design of presentations, posters, flyers and other graphic elements extremely easy. It provides some great templates to use when teaching students about effective visual design but also allows blank canvases to be worked on using their fantastic tools.

      Pixlr Express

      Pixlr Express is an excellent web based photo editor. It allows you to easily build collages and to apply loads of image corrections, filters, stickers or text to photos.

      Pixlr Editor

      Pixlr Editor is a full featured digital painting tool all online. The interface and features are very similar to using Photoshop and is a great tool for creating graphics, editing photos and learning about layered painting tools.
      EDpuzzle allows students and teachers to add their own voice recordings, notes and questions over the top of online videos. It works with Youtube as well as loads of other sources for videos. It is a great tool and works great with Chrome, Drive and Google Classroom.


      Blendspace lets you add all different types of webcontent (pages, images, videos, files) and place them into grids for others to view. It is a great way of creating a set of online resources or to gather your own research notes and resources. Blendspace also allows teachers to set questions within their grid for students to answer or comment.
      Padlet (used to be wallwisher) is a tool to create online pinboards that can be used for collecting feedback and ideas from students. It is simple to set up and use and very customisable. 
      Stormboard is a tool that allows you to create a collaborative board using any of the many education templates built in. Students are able to add their ideas as stickynotes and then vote for popular ideas. Stormboard also provides excellent statistics of student contributions. creates large collaborative spaces into which all sorts of web media can be added including illustrations, graphics, videos and websites.

      **The tools listed above are used with students across Beacon Hill School. In some circumstances accounts may be created for students to use the apps. When this is the case we make this decision in accordance with data privacy laws in Hong Kong and with the best educational interest of students in mind**

      App Description iPad  Android Video

      My Story

      My Story is an eBook creating app for younger students. It allows you to add drawings, photos, images and record sounds on to your pages. eBooks can be exported as videos, sent to iBooks or made into an .epub file to put online.

      Book Creator

      Book creator is another eBook creating app for all ages to use. It allows you to add drawings, photos, images and record sounds on to your pages. eBooks can be exported to iBooks or made into an .epub file to put online.

      The Foos

      Scratch Jr





      Explain Everything

      My Create


      Green Screen


      Strip Designer

      Tiny Tap

      Sketch Nation


      Minecraft Pocket Edition

      Hong Kong Money

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